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SmartMouse Marketing

Digital and Web Done Right

SmartMouse Marketing is an adorably small (okay, it’s just one person) marketing agency based in North Liberty, Iowa. Founded in 2016, SmartMouse found its niche helping small businesses and organizations hone their marketing strategy in order to grow and spread their message. SmartMouse is well-versed in web, digital advertising, branding and voice, email marketing, CRM, and more. 


Web Design

SmartMouse builds attractive, streamlined WordPress websites for small businesses in need of a web presence that serves their stakeholders. And is pretty boss at it.


It’s handy if your web designer has a way with words. SmartMouse has been writing web copy since Myspace was cool. Our mantra: Be brief, be clear.


Alllllllll the things, including but not limited to Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising, CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, graphic design, photography… I could go on, but I’ll stop for now.



I’m Lydia

A marketer and tech geek based in North Liberty, Iowa. I work with small businesses to establish, expand, and grow their business through tailored marketing.

SmartMouse had its genesis on a massage table, of all places. I offered my massage therapist some help marketing her business in exchange for free massages. Things just grew from there, and with a nice portfolio under my belt, I slapped a name on my side hustle and built myself a website. Welcome to SmartMouse Marketing!

Seeing Is Believing: The Portfolio

Small Consulting Firm

Setup, content strategy, design, and copywriting for dual-purpose site. WordPress website using Divi. See the site.

Commercial Center

Content strategy, setup, design, and copywriting for visuals-focused site. WordPress website using Divi. Check it out.

World’s Best Comedian

Setup, design, content strategy, and copywriting, and ongoing maintenance. WordPress website using Divi. Meet the silver fox.


Content strategy, setup, web design, copy, and maintenance for South Carolina-based practice. WordPress using Divi. Get your moles checked.

Estate Management

Revised design, copy, proofreading, and design updates for a luxury estate manager. Built with Wix. Go to the beach.

Homeowner’s Association

Content strategy, setup, design, some copywriting and editing for neighborhood HOA. WordPress website using Divi. Pay your dues.

Massage Therapist

Website maintenance/updates, email marketing, copywriting, Google ads. Get a rubdown.

Mexican Fusion Eatery

Website setup, design, some copywriting for Myrtle Beach restaurant specializing in tequila. Take a shot